Commercial License
Commercial License
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Commercial License

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This license allows for the reproduction of physical products from templates purchased from Luce Pottery Studio. Upon purchase, please answer the following questions either in a private message or in a note to the buyer when purchasing. You can also email me at

1: Name of person purchasing the license.

2. Name of social media handle. 

3. Any websites or links that you will be selling your products on. 

Thank you for considering our commercial license for physical products. To provide you with the best clarity of this license, I have outline the terms and conditions below. Please contact me if you need any clarity or have any questions regarding this license. Please note this is not for a physical product. A PDF File will be sent to you listing the terms and conditions that are listed below. 

  1. License Purposes: This commercial license grants the person listed on the receipt the right to resell physical products made from Luce Pottery Templates.
  2. Restrictions: The resale of our product is permitted only in a physical form. Digital or physical resale of the templates is strictly prohibited. 
  3. One-Time Purchase: The purchase of a single commercial license applies to all products within our store. No additional license is required per product. 
  4. Scope of License: This license is exclusively for obtaining the right to resell physical products made from our templates. It does not include any additional support or services. 
  5. Terms and Conditions: By purchasing the commercial license, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.
  6. Non-Exclusive License: This license is non-exclusive, meaning we may grant the same or similar licenses to others. 
  7. Termination: We reserve the right to terminate this license if any terms are violated and legal action may be taken. 
  8. No Modifications: You are not authorized to modify, alter, or adapt the template in anyway for resale.
  9. Ownership: All intellectual property rights and ownership of the templates remain with our store Luce Pottery Studio.
  10. Non-Transferable: The commercial license is non-transferable. It cannot be transffered or sold to another individual or entity. 
  11. No Refunds: Commercial license purchases are non refundable under any circumstances. 
  12. Responsibility. The licensee is responsible for the ensuring compliance with any applicable laws or regulations related to the resale of our products. 
  13. Name of licensee, social medial handles and any websites or links that physical products made with Luce Pottery Studio templates must be provided upon purchase. 
  14.  Production: This license grants you permission to produce up to 500 total physical products from any of the templates all together. Production of more then 500 physical products will need a different license. Please contact me for this. 
  15. Effective date: This license shall commence on the effective date of purchase.

In simple terms. Please don't resell my templates. I don't mind if you make and sell the items you make from my templates on a small scale/ small business (under 500).  I really do love seeing my templates reproduced and if you can make money from it that is great also! Also, if you can please tag and acknowledge Luce Pottery Studio where you can. This is not an enforced term of the license but is much appreciate. Thank you so much for your purchase and stay tuned for more templates to come!